Affiliate Disclosure

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I always believe in being transparent, I always try to share everything thing that helped me to grow my blog and make money from that.

I share every single tricks and strategy that I apply to my blog and get good results.

If you are a reader of BloggingHax then you already know that I don’t charge anyone to consume our content. All content on this blog is ABSOLUTELY FREE for all.

However, some of the links of products in my posts are affiliate links. Means, when you purchase that product by clicking my link then I will get some percent (%) of commission from the company.

But you won’t be charged any extra penny, you need to pay the original cost of the products. The company will pay me the commission from their profit.

And I am not getting paid from the companies to mention them on my blog, rather, I am an affiliate of products/services that I mention of my blog.

Note: I request you to buy any product/service you want to buy for your blog, buy from my links. It will buy me a coffee… 🙂

If you have any query regarding this, then feel free to ask here: [email protected]

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